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About Dr. Ron Lynch


This Sunday, May 17th at 6:30 PM
Roundtable Discussion Part 111
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The message of Life Out of Death is the revival message of the New Testament. Death to self is the essential element that must be understood by the Christian in order to live the Christian life. Believing and Receiving this will bring real revival and blessing to your life and your church. Please contact me if you are interested in "Real New Testament" revival. ~ Gal. 2:20

~ Dr. Ron E. Lynch

Dr. Lynch pastored for 25 years before going into full-time evangelist/revivalist ministry. Out of a desire for revival, God directed Ron to establish LIFE out of DEATH Ministries.

Dr. Lynch has preached over 1,400 revival meetings throughout the world. He has served as Past President of both the N.C. and S.C. Pastor's Conference. Ron and his wife Judy, are trusting God that the message of LIFE out of DEATH Ministries will be received, and revival will result in the church.

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